WOW (World of Westchase) recently released an important warning for homeowners in the area: beware of roofing scams. In this telling article, Joshua Butts, both a local resident and the owner of Cornerstone Insurance, discusses the ramifications of signing any contract from a roofing company that knocks on your door.

According to Butts, signing the stormchaser’s agreement will result in one of three things from your insurance company: a full payment, a partial payment or denial.

Each has ramifications.

In the latter two cases, the homeowner will still be on the hook for thousands of dollars in repairs.

In short, insurance companies don’t want to insure homes with roofs that have exceeded their lifespans. The roofing company’s claim will make clear your roof’s age to your insurance company. “Now the people are up the creek without a paddle,” said Butts of the homeowners who sign. “They have six months to get a new roof or they face non-renewal of their insurance.”

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